Skin Hydration Tips

How to rejuvenate and keep your skin Moisturized?

The best remedy to maintain the health of our skin is to provide adequate rest and sleep a minimum of 8 hours to look radiant

How to rejuvenate and keep your skin hydrated?

Regular facials, skin cream, anti-aging lotions, masks, natural resources; Skin care enthusiasts will try everything. But how to rejuvenate and keep your skin hydrated?

Oddly enough, the simplest and most essential way is a restful night’s sleep of a minimum of 8 hours. In addition, a good night’s sleep is not only beneficial for the skin, but for your physical and mental well-being.

The best part is that the benefits of the skin are observed much sooner if you sleep well, compared to the health benefits. We will understand how sleep helps achieve a healthy glow and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep.

skin hydration tips

Let your skin breathe

The first step is to make sure you wash your face properly every night before you sleep. This removes dirt and grime, opens the pores of the skin and allows your skin to breathe. If you do not wash your face every night, your skin will become prone to acne and wrinkles, since closed pores will prevent the formation of collagen in the skin, necessary for younger skin.

Hydrate your skin before sleeping

Your skin tends to dry out when you sleep, so as soon as you wash your face, apply an abundant amount of moisturizer to your face. This will block all the essential oils on the skin and keep the skin smooth and hydrated. When you get up in the morning, your skin will be radiant and bright.

Pay attention to your lips

One of the most definitive characteristics of the face is your lips. Dry and cracked lips look bad, the best option for sensitive lips is to rub them every night with a soft toothbrush. This helps to get rid of dry and cracked lips and makes them soft and supple.

Eye cream

An important care of the skin before retiring to the bed is the application of a good cream under the eyes, which can help to get rid of the bags and wrinkles under the eyes. Since the skin under the eyes is the thinnest, it is important to moisturize well with special eye creams and let the cream repair this delicate area. Apply the cream in a smooth and circular motion so you can rejuvenate the skin.

Gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation of the skin is essential; However, when rubbed, your skin becomes sensitive. Sensitive skin is more prone to damage and becomes vulnerable to the sun’s rays. The best option is to exfoliate gently just before sleep so you can prevent further damage.

Hands and feet

Foot perspiration

When it comes to the skin, it should not only focus on the face and neck; The hands and feet are also important. Apply body moisturizer on hands and legs so they stay hydrated and do not become dry and rough. Another good idea is to wear socks and gloves before sleeping, as they help blood circulation due to the adherence in the feet, which helps relieve stress. So along with keeping your feet hydrated, they also feel relieved and help you overcome fatigue. It also helps you sleep well, which in turn improves the skin.

Do not sleep on your stomach

Sleeping face down or with your face on the pillow leads to wrinkles and accelerates the aging process, so even if you feel comfortable in that posture, it is best to avoid it. This position also prohibits the circulation of blood and therefore makes your face look bloated and tired. Make an attempt to sleep on your back at all times.

Sleeping masks

If you do not have time to moisturize or exfoliate your skin before bed, sleeping with a face mask can help. This hydrates the skin and helps open pores. Of course, as soon as you get up, wash your face with cold water to get better results.

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