Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer

Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer – Get Your Skin Hydrated

Although I recently made a list with the creams that I recommend to use at this time of year, a few days ago I found another that might well be there. This is the new Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer, a moisturizer designed for those who suffer from dehydration and want to prevent damage caused by contamination on the skin. If I compare all the moisturizer brands, I never noticed a thing like Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer.

But what makes it so special? Based on the point that dehydration is responsible for much of aging, we must be aware of the importance of protecting our skin from the loss of hydration 24 hours a day. That is the first aspect that promises to improve.

To give the skin the protection it needs, it is essential to provide intensive rehydration enriched with antioxidant factors. It is just that purpose with which this new Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer has been created, a proposal that provides intensive hydration, revitalization and protection against premature aging with a high natural rate up to 98%.

Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer

What is Biosilk Renewal Formula ?

Its formula is based on two active ingredients: on the one hand the Agnocus, which moisturizes and softens the skin (as a curious fact, Hippocrates used it to treat swelling and inflammation of the skin), the patented extract of propolis that has properties antioxidants that increase cell vitality and protect against premature aging, Greek mountain tea (which replaces water in the formula), and has antioxidant properties superior to those of green tea and 100% organic geranium essential oil , recommended in sensitive skin (dermatitis, eczema, …), as it has healing and revitalizing properties, regulates fat, offers luminosity and gives balance. With regard to mood, it is stimulating, revitalizing, and soothing the nervous system while providing well-being and balance for the body.

What Does Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer Promise?

What promises this cream is mainly to provide intense hydration even in the deepest and most prolonged layers. This is based mainly on one of the star ingredients in BioSilk, that stimulates the creation of new aquaporins that are responsible for regulating hydration from the inside of the cells, more aquaporins increased levels of hydration.

Why Should You Use Biosilk Renewal?

Hydration is one of the things that we should most power during the coldest months. And Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer is a good option to achieve it as long as you are not over 30 years.

It is a very light cream that is absorbed very quickly and can be used both day and night. I specifically use it at night since cell regeneration occurs at that time of the day and that is when you have to reinforce the subject of hydration.

It has a very pleasant fragrance with clean smell and the truth is that it is a fantastic cream. In addition, it is indicated for both sensitive skin (as is my case) and mixed skin.

And although it is a cream that I am quite enjoying, the truth is that I personally have short hydration. That is why I tell you that I recommend it but as long as you are no more than 30 years old and your skin needs more specific and more powerful care.

How Does BioSilk Renewal Moisturizer Work? 

Most moisturizing products improve skin hydration by limiting water evaporation and / or achieve their results by fixing hydration on the outer layer of the skin with moisturizers such as glycerin. However, the skin has its own hydration system, the aquaporins. The exclusive formulas of the Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer enhance the skin’s own moisturizing system and leave the skin soft, supple and radiant.

Aquaporins are microscopic channels that transport water between the skin cells and enhance the system’s hydration of the skin from the inside. Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer ACTIVE increases its natural strength. All formulas contain glycoglycerol, a newly developed moisturizing ingredient, which has proven its ability to increase the number of aquaporins in the skin. This means that in addition to limiting evaporation and fixing the water to the outer layers of the skin, Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer enhances the skin’s own hydration system.

Since all skins, whether normal, dry, oily or mixed, can suffer dehydration, Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer is available to sort out the matter. BioSilk Renewal provides intense hydration 24 hours a day, relieve the sensation of stiffness and leave the skin with a radiant appearance with a feeling of softness and flexibility. This range is clinically and dermatologically tested for compatibility with sensitive skin, and all products are free of fragrances and parabens.

What does this new cream offer?

It provides immediate recovery of lost water daily (24 hours of hydration) and increases the skin’s ability to maintain it.

Restores and maintains the youth and beauty of the skin.

Protects against premature aging and environmental pollution.

Intensive hydration.

Revitalization thanks to the essential oil of geranium.

Protection against premature aging, thanks to the patent of encapsulated propolis extract.

98% Natural ingredients 95% Natural ingredients 97% Natural ingredients Have you ever used any facial moisturizer from Biosilk ?.

Intense and lasting hydration from the inside With Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer

The skin needs water to function efficiently and effectively. The well hydrated skin is soft and flexible and radiant in appearance. When the natural protective barrier of the skin is in danger, it loses its natural moisture and becomes dehydrated. Dehydrated skin looks bad, feels stiff and can not protect against irritating agents from the outside. As a result, it becomes sensitive. The intense and lasting hydration is necessary so that the skin continues to have the best of aspects and sensations.

My Recommendation

One of the best features of this product is its texture: although at first glance looks unctuous, it really is very light (as a kind of cream-gel). It absorbs very quickly and the skin is moisturized and although not totally matt, leaves no shine.

The moisturizing it brings is enough for a skin with characteristics like mine: it is very soft if you have sensitive areas (remember that Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer does not contain any sort of perfume), and throughout the day I do not notice it nor strain or fat, so it is being perfect for summer.

Another recommendation: If you are looking for an anti-wrinkle treatment it may be short, but in that case it is a perfect solution to carry it in your bag (it has a very comfortable container), and give you a touch of hydration anywhere on your usual treatment.

For the body I have loved this latest generation moisturizing and refreshing cream. Its texture is very light and is indicated for normal skin. It acts by activating the own moisturization networks of the skin (aquaporinas) to obtain a perfect hydration. The best thing is that it absorbs super fast and you do not have to wait more than 30 seconds to dress leaving your skin moisturized and nothing sticky. I find it more than advisable for the summer. I like its fresh and subtle scent to clean.

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Biosilk Renewal Moisturizer
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