Rejuvaessence Wrinkle Reduction Cream For Men and Women

Looking younger is quite common now a day’s not only among women but also men in a large number. Rejuvaessence is quite famous among men and women for looking younger by removing the wrinkles and aging signs from their skin.  Here in this article I will be analyzing the ingredients and the working of Rejuvaessence so that the readers can have a good knowledge of this anti wrinkle cream and they can have a clear view weather it works or not.  So let us start with the benefits that it claims for the skin.


Benefits and Advantages of Rejuvaessence

Following are the benefits claimed by the official website of Rejuvaessence:

1- It enhances the production of skin collagen

2- Increases the Hydration for skin which is a must for healthy skin

3- Removes the wrinkles and aging sings

4- Only herbal ingredients are used

5- Delivers the Nutrition required for skin health

6- Helps reducing Stress Effects on your skin

7- Equally Beneficial for men and women

What are the Ingredients of RejuvaEssence and how do you benefit from Them?


Hundreds of beauty products have ceramides. But, what are they? It is a family of natural lipids that occur naturally in the cells of the human body in large quantity. Ceramides are essential for the health of the skin on the body since they facilitate hydration by forming a protective barrier. As a result the cells remain United and strong.

Why Ceramides is used in RejuvaEssence

What happens is that with the passing of time, natural fat from the skin of our body start to disappear. It is at that moment when it is necessary to use beauty products that contains ceramides among its ingredients to cover areas that leave lipids to disappear when we begin to age.

Imagine that your cells are brick and ceramides cement you use to join them and maintain the firm wall.

When the skin does not have the amount of ceramides that need begins to dehydrate, what provokes the appearance on it of wrinkles and fine lines, one of the major signs that the skin is aging, either by age or another factor.

Although ceramides are very necessary at higher ages, it is advisable to use beauty products possessing them at any age.

Ceramides work directly on the stratum corneum of the epidermis and protects it, and are highly recommended for dry skins. If you use a cream that possess ceramides, you will manage to make your skin look firmer soft and luminous.

In addition, ceramides are very effective to prevent damage caused by environmental factors such as low temperatures and solar rays.

For all of them is that we recommend that you apply moisturizers and moisturizing creams that contain ceramides, since they capture and retain moisture and give the skin an appearance and a young healthy texture.

Will RejuvaEssence Work Based on Above Information?

Yes Ceramides is a powerful ingredient of a healthy skin and RejuvaEssence contains it in a good amount to keep your skin healthy.


Retinol or vitamin A is a vitamin that is soluble in fats or oils (fat-soluble) essential inthe development and functions of the human body. It is part of the Group of well known antioxidant vitamins, but unlike vitamins C or group B that are water-soluble, retinol is not removed with the urine.

It is popularly known for his large therapeutic and cosmetic properties for the skin(as in cases of acne, psoriasis, etc.), its huge antioxidant and anti-aging effects of skin, its intervention in the development of various tissues and the immune system. We will detail below the main functions of the retinol in the body:

Among its main functions why Retinol is used in RejuvaEssence are:

Tissues of the skin, and nerve tissue. Retinol has a fundamental role in the skin, contributing to their education and proper development cells. The epithelial cells are those that form the epithelium, the tissue covering the different organs and internal cavities: skin, mucous membranes, glands. The epithelium is in continuous regeneration, it follows the importance of retinol in this process. Retinol helps a good formation and development of this type of cells. Internal impact on a proper functioning of the body, and externally in skin and mucous membranes healthy and balanced. For the same reason, it is also essential in the formation of the nervous tissue. Retinol helps in the proper development of the nerves. Thus RejuvaEssence includes Retinol due to its benefits for skin tissues.

Anti-wrinkle. Retinol is a powerful antioxidant vitamin. Prevents premature aging of the skin and effectively combats free radicals. By this retinol is used in many cosmetic treatments and beauty creams wrinkle-fighting. To eliminate and combat free radicals, it greatly prevents the aging of cells.

Skin more smooth and young. Retinol stimulates the production of collagen, responsible for the structural formation of the layers of the skin, so it helps a skin more smooth and uniform, with more youthful appearance.

Discoloration of the skin. Beta carotene (precursor of vitamin A, or retinol) are located in the layers more external skin and, together with the melanin, contribute to its coloration and aspect healthy. A diet rich in beta-carotene promotes skin more radiant, healthy and with gilded look.

Retinol for acne. Retinol is also a very effective treatment to treat acne, in fact it was the first use given to retinol. Retinol fights existing acne and prevent future acne or pimples on oily or acne-prone. Reduce the bumps and imperfections, reduces acne marks and smooths the surface of the skin.

All the above benefits are scientifically proven and gives an edge to RejuvaEssence in its working for your skin.


There are several creams, brands and formulas with retinol. Choose the best and most appropriate like RejuvaEssence to get maximum benefits of Retinol.

Acmella Flower Extract

A plant Extract that is famous for firming the skin and it is used in other cosmetics as will due to its immense benefits

Any Side Effects?

RejuvaEssence is absolutely side effects free as it is made with natural ingredients only which are beneficial for skin health.  The scientific studies does not claim any side effects of using these ingredients.

What Price do you need to Pay for RejuvaEssence?

Option 1- For a 14 days trial you only need to pay $3.95 for shipping.  If you are not satisfied you can cancel the trial within 14 days and you do not need to pay any further.

Option 2- In case you are satisfied with the results you will have to pay $88.49 in order to continue the use of this cream.

Note:  Some of the websites are offering it at a price of $37.99.  I doubt the quality they are supplying.  So please avoid any of such fake suppliers.

Understanding the Skin And its Characteristics Before Using RejuvaEssence

The skin and its characteristics

The skin is the organ that covers the entire human body. It involves a total area of 1.5 or 2 m2, depending on the total volume of the person, and is 1/6 of the total body weight.



Hydrolipidic film


The epidermis is the most superficial layer of the skin, the natural shield of our bodies to the environment.

It has a variable thickness according to the areas of the body: the face is 0,02 mm, while the thickness in feet can be from 1 to 5 mm.

On average it has a thickness of 0.1 mm. In the eyelids and the skin around the eyes the thickness of the epidermis is five times less than in the rest of the face: 0,004 mm.

The epidermis has no blood vessels, is fed by inhibition from the capillaries in the dermis.

The epidermis is composed of several layers in turn:

Layer cornea.

Lucid layer.

Granulosa layer.

Espinosa coat.

Basal layer.


The dermis is the next layer of skin below the epidermis. Form a brusque limit with this and a smooth transition with the hypodermis.

The dermis is the layer that provides the smoothness and elasticity to the skin.

It is divided into the papillary dermis and reticular dermis.

Hydrolipidic film

The hydrolipidic film is an emulsion of fat and water, found on the surface of the skin. It makes the skin more flexible and protects against bacteria and fungi.

Its composition varies depending on the body area, or factors as the hour of the day, the station of the year, humidity, stress, illness or food.

By its components, lactic acid, the pirrolidocarbonico and amino acids, the hydrophilic portion of the hydro-lipid mantle has a slightly acidic ph.

Does Rejuvaessence Erase Wrinkles Instantly?

No cream can instantly erase the wrinkles or aging sings.  If any cream claims to reduce the wrinkles instantly after first use then there could be two reasons,  either the cream has chemicals which will later destroy your skin or the cream supplier is making fake claim just to loot the money.  Rejuva Essence Eliminates the wrinkles after some time but not instantly.

Is Rejuva Essence Featured on Shark Tank?

Rejuva Essence was not featured on shark tank.  Some websites are spreading false information on such an event.

Does Rejuva Essence Contain any Chemical Compound?

Rejuva Essence is made with natural Ingredients only and does not have any chemical compound.  The manufacturer explains further that they do not inject any chemical at any stage of manufacturing.

Can Rejuva Essence Be Used during Pregnancy?

There is no harm using Rejuvaessence during pregnancy.  As it is natural an works only to reduce your facial wrinkles so it is safe to use.

How does Rejuvaessence Work?

Rejuvaessence works by dehydrating your skin and providing the required nutrition to your skin cells.  It also counters the stress effects from your skin and gives you an all new younger look.

Do I need any Surgery or Injections while using Rejuvaessence?

The purpose of Rejuvaessence is to remove wrinkles without any pain full process.  It is an alternate to painful  injections and surgery.   

Is Rejuvaessence Evaluated by FDA?

The Food and Drug Authority does not evaluate any such products.  Rejuvaessence is also not evaluated by such authority.

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